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I Told Your Mamma I'd Get You Home

But I didn't tell her I had no car

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I'll be your sister.
1970s, abba, academe, airplane dinners, beckett and joyce, big star, blondie, boots, brian eno, brigitte bardot, bryan ferry, burt bacharach, can, captain beefheart, cat power, charles bukowski, cheap trick, cigarettes and tea, cities at night, collecting records, communist russia, country music, creedence clearwater revival, david bowie, david lynch, dionne warwick, dolly parton, don delillo, donna summer, dressing like slash, drugs, dustin hoffman, dwight twilley, dying 4 u, edmund white, elvis presley, emmylou harris, fit and working again, fleetwood mac, floral prints, forever metal, francoise hardy, fringes, graham greene, grey days, guitar solos, guns'n'roses, hollywood's dark side, hot drinks, i can't wait, iggy pop, intertextuality, jacques derrida, john cale, johnny cash, joy division, keeping it with mine, keith richards, king crimson, late night advertisements, led zeppelin, leonard cohen, let's active, listening to records, looking at records, lou reed, love, love and happiness, lynyrd skynyrd, madonna, making plans, marianne faithfull, marlon brando, midnight cowboy, mo tucker, modern love, most of the time, movie stars, my bloody valentine, my dark ages, nashville, neil michael hagerty, neil young, nerves, new order, nico, not pussyfooting, ol' dirty bastard, old houses, orange juice, outkast, patti smith, pere ubu, play free bird, prince, purple rain, realms of dust, records records records, rolling my own, roxy music, royal trux, scott walker, sepia, slade, sleater-kinney, sluts, sonic youth, sparks, stoner philosophy, strange relationships, subway sect, suicide, t & a, t-rex, talking heads, talking tough, tav falco's panther burns, television, the beach boys, the blue nile, the carpenters, the fall, the fonda empire, the go-gos, the gordons, the human league, the kinks, the modern lovers, the pixies, the rolling stones, the slits, the smiths, the stooges, the strokes, the temptations, the terminals, the undertones, the velvet underground, the wu-tang clan, theory, these immortal souls, thinking in bed, todd rundgren, tom verlaine, tough girls, waylon jennings, wire